Welcome to BlastProcess.com!

Created on the 13th February 2010 after a number of alcoholic beverages and loud live music, BlastProcess.com was the brain-child of Tom, Mike and Dave. All three were avid gamers and wanted a spot of the internet to talk about videogames. Writing turned into videos, and since has even spawned audio podcasts.

Today Blast Process has read/listened/watched by more people than we ever thought possible. But our journey has only just begun…


Mike Davies

Founder/YouTube Grand-Master

Once upon a time Mike took his gaming more seriously than ‘a few goes on Mario Kart on a Saturday night’, for he used to form part of the 4Kings gaming clan. Return to Castle Wolfestein was his game of choice and he helped 4Kings to dominate the gaming tournaments of the early ’90s.

Nowadays Mike resides in gaming retail, sharing his knowledge of all things ‘geek’ with customers. He likes his special editions does Mike, and can often be found in his corner, unboxing all sorts of delights. He loves a bit of editing too, so keep an eye on our YouTube page for new videos.

Tom Parry

Founder/ Indie Game Extraordinaire

Tom’s retro game collection can put a large number of game collectors to shame. At times Tom would be more happy with a Dreamcast controller in his hands rather than an Xbox 360 controller (not to say he isn’t seen at the very least once/twice a week dusting off his Xbox). While his job history includes a stint in gaming retail he now resides in Denmark designing LEGO figures. It’s ok to be jealous.

AAA hits and retro classics are fun but you’ll find Tom really enjoys playing Indie games too, of which he can often be found writing about. You’ll also be able to hear him, as he’s a regular on our podcast.

David Jennings

Founder/ ‘Can I ask you a few questions?’

Dave has spent an un-healthy amount of time selling games, but that isn’t to say he hasn’t enjoyed playing them over the years too. He has recently started writing for other gaming websites and is keen to become a gaming journalist. Wish him luck, he’ll need it.

When not posting ‘stuff’ you can often find him hosting the site’s podcast or speaking to various people with a microphone in hand.

‘Megadrive’ Gary Edwards

A fan favourite is our Gary. He isn’t happy unless he’s playing on an old SEGA console. He’s appeared in a number of videos over the years, however he is of course the star of our Megadrive Gary videos.

Ben Taylor

While seen posting a few classic articles in the past you’ll be more likely to hear his voice nowadays. Ben is a regular on ‘The Blast Process Show’ podcast and created a number of our podcast games.

Sam Buchanan (and his trusty sidekick Jack Machin)

Sam has been known to pop onto the site’s main podcast from time-to-time. Along with Jack he can be found talking about all things football (manager) on the FM Confessions monthly podcast.

Paul McNamee

He loves a rant and a ramble. Paul (or Rambleast) brings his interest in videogames to BlastProcess.com on a number of occasions.

Paul Tinker

The Fallout (From My Brain) articles are the work of the site’s other Paul. While currently on a hiatus due to writing scripts you can find his past fallouts via the appropriate category.

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