Blast Process Plays: Crusader Kings II Part 2

ck2 title 2

The beginning.

Continuing my Crusader Kings II play-though, September 1066 – February 1068.

After 6 long days of waiting (about 10 seconds in game time) I am informed that my proposal for marriage has been accepted and I am to marry immediately. As a Countess and of royal blood my wife comes with a small amount of money, I tell her family that I couldn’t possibly accept it and take a bonus to my prestige instead. Speaking of in laws, it turns out my wife is pretty well connected, 3 of her brothers are Kings in Spain, they might be minor Kings like me but its still a lot of connections I have just gained, also as I have now just fulfilled my life ambition I can choose a new one, again I go with the easy choice and pick to increase the amount land I control, with the imminent war to the south that shouldn’t take too long to fulfill.

My heir and half brother is also now married, but there has been a mass round of voting and the succession has been changed, the rankings now stand, 1 vote for my son, 1 vote for my half brother and 2 votes for my 17 year old nephew Cennetig macLorcan. My new heir needs a wife so I choose the 16 year old only daughter of an Italian Duke.

My first order of business is my du jure claim so I send messengers to County Desmond demanding they hand over the lands to me and to my complete surprise they refuse, so on the 16th October 1066 the War for Desmond begins. I send out a call to arms to my three new brothers in law and my half brothers father in law (trust me, it gets worse) and they all agree to send my their support. King Alfonso of Leon in return asks me to aid him in his war against the Muslim country of Aftasid who rule the western coast of Spain, I agree to send over any troops I have, but first I need to deal with the 400 men that are stood on the border to County Desmond.

The Battle of Cork

ck2 2 1

Both Irish armies form up ready for battle, my 500 men against his 400, I place my army in the capable hands of my Marshall Diarmait and begin the attack. The battle is over fast, with Donnachad of Desmond being captured, as a reward my Marshall Diarmait is knighted. The battle has left my army too small to mount a siege on the counts castle, but just in time 2000 men led by the Duke Nuno and 250 men led by Bishop Lope, both vassals of my brothers in law, arrive to help me ensure victory. The siege takes several months, but in June 1067 Desmond falls and Earl Muiredach surrenders, he hands over his lands to me although he still rules them as my vassal.

ck2 2 2

I was originally going to remove him from power and place my son in charge, but certain things have come to my attention since then involving County Ormond under the rule of Earl Ragnvald. It seems that Ragnvald isn’t Irish like me and the rest of my dynasty, he is Norse, so one third of my kingdom is actually being ruled over by Norsemen. This might not be a problem right now, but later on it cause a lot of trouble if they get too powerful, so I decide that my son is going to be given county Ormond instead of Desmond once I figure out a way to strip Ragnvald of his titles. Earl Muiredach may not like me to much after the war we just had, but at least we share the same culture and in time either him or his heir will fall in line, if not I can always just beat him again.

The war in Spain

It seems that the whole of Spain is currently at war and i’m not sure what my little army is going to do but a promise is a promise. I only have around 300 men left so I load them onto my only 5 ships and set sail south where I plan on attaching my men to the larger army of Bishop Boson of Aragon, who is already well into a siege. The combined might of the Spanish alliance can field almost 10000 men to the Aftasid’s 4000, so my 300 men aren’t going to really make much of a difference, but simply having them take part in battles and the war in general will earn me prestige and money as well as increasing my allies opinions of me.

ck2 2 3

About 6 months into the war a rather good popup appears, my wife is pregnant with her first and my second child. Shortly after this I get another one, apparently some of my friends are trying to lure me into hedonism by showi…. accepted, you only live once right, and I am King after all. The messages continue to come thick and fast, my chaplain Tagd has died at age 57 freeing up a spot on the council, my nephew Cennetig seems a good fit for the job and he also has become chaplain as his ambition, there are better choices for the position but as he is family and far younger than the rest i’ll give him a chance.

ck2 2 4

Almost 1 year to the day, the war over Plasencia has ended with my brother in law King Alfonso the victor. Under the command of Bishop Boson of Aragon I managed to win one battle and two sieges allowing me to take a small share of the spoils, I detach my army from his command and bring them home to prepare for a possible war that may start once I inform my viking Earl that I want to replace him. I also bring in a new kingdom wide law giving me greater authority over any cities my vassals control allowing me to draw slightly more tax and soldiers from them, previously my I wasn’t taking anything at all and my vassals churches and castles are still 100% under their own control so I figure they are still getting the better deal, I am now able to draw on a maximum of 600 men to my previous 500. Finally I arrange a few more marriages for some of my lesser vassals and I order the construction of a pub within my castle walls.

Bishop Sean in the drawing room with a knife

Heading into January 1068 my prisoner has been in jail for over a year now and I ransom him his freedom for 10 gold coins. I also decide to start a plot to gain control of County Ormond, hopefully I can do this without starting a war, it informs me that I need one more backer to put the plot into motion so I send a letter to the Bishop Sean who willingly joins my plot.

ck2 2 5

I decide to end the game here for now, I am victorious in both my wars, my wife is about 2 months from giving birth and my plot to revoke County Ormond is about to reach completion, what could possible go wrong…

Before I go ill have a look around at world affairs. Duke William the bastard won the war against Harold and is now King of England, he rather wisely changed his name to William the Conqueror. He is currently at war with Harald of Norway, Gudrod of the Isles, Svend II of Denmark and Philippe of France, so as you might expect the whole of England seems to be on fire. The situation in the Byzantine Empire has took a turn for the worse, not only is Emperor Konstantinos still at war with Persia, but no less than 13 of his own vassals have turned on him in a civil war to place Grand Princess Eirene on his throne instead of him.

Will my plot work? Will my new pub be a success? What ridiculous name will my second child get? Join me next time to find out. As Usual suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

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