Connection Interrupted

Opppss…it’s been a fairly quiet few weeks here on, and for that, myself and the Blast Process team apologise.

We’ve all had alot going on due to other commitments. We all work in a GAME store, so as you can imagine the past couple of weeks has been, in a word…insane!

Tuesday saw the release of the latest Call of Duty title. Call of Duty: Black Ops has outsold pretty much EVERYTHING! Reviewers have been a little mixed, although it’s still averaging around 89% on Metacritic. It’s main criticism is that it feels and looks alot like its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2. After playing it for a few hours, I have to agree…it’s very similar. I can’t really talk about the single player campaign as I haven’t played enough of it to judge…

But…I have played it online enough to say I’m happy with the tweaks that Treyarch have made. It feels a little more balanced than the multiplayer on MW2. Kills gained from kill streaks no longer count towards your next kill streaks and the experience as a whole feels less punishing than MW2.

Black Ops wasn’t the only big release this week, at least not for Xbox 360 owners anyway. Finally, Microsoft have officially entered the motion controlled gaming arena, with Kinect.
First impressions from the customers who have come back into the store since buying and playing on there new shiny Kinects seem to be really enjoying them thus far.

It’s early days, but as I mentioned in my post about my first experience with Kinect, it has the potential to be something special. Kinect Sports is easily my favourite game of the launch lineup. It’s only downside, which is mirrored in Motionsports and Fighters Uncaged, is its Boxing event. After watching Blast Processor Mike and my friend Jason having a bout on boxing a couple of evenings ago showed that the Kinect was struggling to pick up their punching. The on-screen avatars were throwing one punch for every 3-4 that the guys were. A shame, but when all things are considered the rest of the events seem to work wonderfully.

We’ve got some new videos on the way, mainly centered around Call of Duty and Kinect.

Thanks for sticking with us!

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