Weekly Poll: Ryu? Or Yoshimitsu?

The results are in for last weeks poll…

You all had the choice of ether Kinect or Move

But in the end…more of you voted to stick with the Wii!

In regards to the choice purely between Kinect and Move, it was a little surpraising to see no love for the Move at all. When the two were announced, and I’d seen what both were capable of, I had strong feelings that the Move would be recieved by the public than the Kinect camera…

This simply doesn’t seem to be the case. Although the Move does have a strong following, speaking personally from preorders I’ve taken, it’s the Kinect that seems to have the advantage even though I feel we won’t see the true capability of Microsoft’s camera for a little while yet.

Thanks to all who voted. Time for a new poll!

This week is all about the announcement of the collabration of Capcom and Namco. Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter should be with us at some point next year. Based on the two different fighting game mechanics, which are you intially planning on picking up? Tom posted an article in regards to the two fighting projects here.

Vote Now!!

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